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Kano for Education

kano for education

Kano for Education

Join the community for discounts, resources, news, and more.

What is Kano?

Everything you and your students need to understand technology and create with code
Complete computer and screen kit

The complete package to equip you and your students to understand technology and create with code

Hundreds of hours of learning

Hours of engaging coding content - code art, games, and music, write docs, browse the web, and more

Gamified operating system

Access your favorite classroom apps available on the Raspberry Pi, including Chromium, Scratch, Google Docs, YouTube, and more

Educators Who Love Kano

Over 800 schools, camps, libraries, and community programs use Kano to engage young people with technology.

We love the intersection of hardware and software and so do our campers. Kano gives lots of different projects that the kids can work on independently or with coaching. We’ve found it to be a real winner with the kids and their parents.

Jill Hodges, Founder and CEO of Firetech Camps

Our students are thrilled to be working with their Kanos. It has not only accelerated our students' interest in STEM careers, but its integration into their core content areas is motivating all of our students to dig in and take their learning to the next level.

Cherisse Cambpell, Principal: Amana Academy, an Expeditionary Learning Network School

Kano is designed for educators to adopt student-led learning in the classroom. Kids can go off script with Kano and educators can watch the magic happen.

Sam Patterson, author of “Programming in the Primary Grades”

The support we receive from Kano is unlike any other edu-provider. In addition to the resources and lesson ideas, we regularly Skype into their London HQ and meet the team - the kids find it very exciting!

Michael Luetjen, STEM Teacher

Kano absolutely empowers us to teach the new curriculum. The kit serves as an outstanding platform for engaging children about computers and what can be done with them.

Jonathan Molver, Head Teacher, King Solomon Academy

At our 10th anniversary Geek Squad Academy event, we helped 300 students build their own computer. This put the power of programming into their hands, and they had a fantastic time exploring on their own, building in Minecraft and designing.

William Woodworth, Best Buy’s Geek Squad Mentorship Programs

Jill Hodges
Cherisse Cambpell
Sam Patterson
Michael Luetjen
Jonathan Molver
William Woodworth

Each education package comes with full curriculum support, training, and resources from the community



  • Cross-curricular lesson plans for all abilities
  • Design challenges
  • Implementation guides
  • New projects posted weekly
Training and support

Training and support

  • Video training tutorials
  • “How-to” coding lessons for teachers
  • Professional development webinars
  • Regular check-ins and support from Kano team
Educator Community

Educator Community

  • Portal to share ideas + resources
  • Connect with educators in different settings: libraries, classrooms, and more
  • Stories and monthly newsletter updates from learning spaces around the world

Our community includes

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The range of Kano products

All options come with:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Design Challenges
  • Training Tutorials
  • Regular Phone Support
  • Educator Community Membership


Complete Kits


Share Kanos within your makerspace or coding workshop

5-10 Students

Complete Kits

Club Pack

Bring Kano to your library or afterschool club

Most popular

10-20 Students

Complete Kits

Class Pack

Equip every student in your class with a Kano

30-60 Students



Pixel Kits

Maker Pack

Perfect to bring physical and digital computing to your learning space

5-10 Students



10 x Complete Kits, 10 x Pixel Kits, 10 x Motion Sensor Kits

Ultimate Pack

Bring all the Kano kits to your learning space

30-60 Students